Web Design Services & Prices

We specialise in cheap web design for small businesses. Our $400 budget website package gets you a complete website similar to the one you’re looking at now. It includes:

  • A professional looking website. Remember, your online customers won’t trust an ugly site. Our good-looking websites will convince customers to buy.
  • A PayPal shopping cart (the e-commerce standard). The sales roll in while you sleep.
  • Tools that help you manage and modify your own website. This will halve your admin costs.
  • Search engine friendly sales copy that brings in $. No site can succeed without good sales copy, but most web-design firms can’t write it. We can – and we’ll show you how it’s done.
  • Our no lock-in guarantee: your site is completely transferable should you wish someone else to maintain it.
  • Hosting for 3 months.
  • Site maintenance for 6 months.

Our $150 “business card” web design package gives you a simple but attractive one page website. This would be suitable, for instance, for an architect seeking to put his or her portfolio, contact details and CV online. But don’t expect any search engine traffic.

Those packages are crazy cheap, but there’s method to our madness.

Your PayPal enabled website: open a store that never closes

The PayPal integration offered with our $400 budget websites is suitable for a site selling a small number of items or services. It uses PayPal, the online standard for e-commerce (customers only need a credit card – they don’t need a PayPal account).We’ll need you to (1) set up a verified PayPal account and (2) create items for sale within that account. If required, we can help you with this.

In our experience, the most significant difficulty in PayPal integration is determining a suitable product price structure. This is particularly so when products are of differing weights and shipping costs vary by region. So if you require PayPal integration, please start thinking about these matters now!

Modifying your website yourself... and The Pusher Man

The top three content management system (CMS) lies

  1. You don’t need one.
    Oh yes you do! Your website will need to change as your business changes – and a CMS makes that easy.
  2. You need the one I built.
    Not unless you want your web designer to hold your site hostage! Go for a popular CMS like WordPress or Joomla and you can switch web designers as you please.
  3. It will let you entirely manage your site yourself.
    Sorry, but no: you’ll be able to make plenty of changes yourself, but many changes should only be made by a web designer.

Your website will come with a content management system (CMS) by which you may manage and modify much of the content of your own site. Sounds like a great cost-reducing selling point, doesn’t it?

Actually, there’s nothing that special about a CMS. Most web-design companies these days build their websites over some sort of CMS (e.g. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal) – and you should be wary of anyone who offers to build you a website that doesn’t use one or other of these site management tools.

Oh, and if anyone tries to sell you a website based on a CMS they wrote themselves... run! You’ve just met The Pusher Man. Sign up with him, and he’ll soon become indispensable to you – cos no-one else knows how to use his CMS. You’ll have little bargaining power with him, and if you want changes made to your site, well... first thing you learn is you’ve always got to wait.

But please don’t believe the many web-design firms out there who like to pretend that their favoured CMS will soon have you effortlessly running your site yourself. Truth is, running a site well isn’t child’s play. Even the most user-friendly CMS – and Squarespace, one of our specialities, is about as user-friendly as these things get – won’t work any online miracles. There’s a bit of a learning curve, and it’s not for everyone. So be warned: A CMS will halve your admin costs, but there’s still stuff you’ll have to call a web designer in for.

Completely transferable websites

No Lock-In Guarantee

Our websites don’t use proprietary software, so transferring maintenance and future development of your website to another company is a simple matter. And should you decide to transfer your site, you'll have no trouble finding a web designer experienced with the platforms on which we build our sites: WordPress, Joomla and SquareSpace are very popular and easy to use.

One more thing: we won’t use site registration to hold you hold you to ransom. Many web design firms use this trick to lock in clients. We’ll register your domain name in your business name, not ours. (You may use whois to check this.)

Additional services

Please contact us should you require any of the following:

  • Facebook page creation or management;
  • Mailing list management and e-newsletter design;
  • Logo design;
  • Website marketing and advertising.

Get started!

Ready to get your small business online? Fill out our design questionnaire. Even if you don’t choose to have us develop your site, it’s worth completing the questionnaire: it’ll help you clarify what it is that you want from your website (and that will save you money). And feel free to call us just for a chat: we like web design and we enjoy talking about it.

We’re not looking for work at present: We’ve got way too much on! If you’re looking for a Joomla web developer, try the Australia Joomla Professionals Directory. We’re sorry we can’t be of more help.